Ubercart [Ubercart pictured cart block] module bug with Performance


Updated:  This is a better way fix this problem.

  1. Install : IE CSS Optimizer

  2. ennable the module
  3. go to /admin/settings/performance, select : Optimize CSS files -- Partial optimization for theme CSS development (make this slected)

  4. save your setting for performance

  5. Good luck !


[ Ubercart pictured cart block ] is a useful module for Ubercart e-shop. But it has a bug with Performance, if you set Anonymous can be checkout ok before, but when you active Performance, the Anonymous can not checkout anymore, it will warning with: We are sorry, but advanced cart block features are not available for guests with current site settings. Please register or login. How to Fix this problem? Trun off your Performance. Some details from drupal: ___________________________________________________

  • Show product image (or default icon).
  • Vertical or horizontal ("large icons") orientation.
  • Sort by name, quantity or price.
  • User can decrease or increase quantity of product right in block (and remove in vertical orientation).
  • Optional show item's description in vertical orientation (e.g. selected attributes, content of product kit, etc).
  • Optional scrolling.
  • Items count in summary is number of icons, not sum of products quantity (optional).

Dependencies: Ubercart :) ImageCache ImageField _____________________________________________________ Download this module: http://drupal.org/project/uc_pic_cart_block