How to fix: Backup and Migrate module security of directory problem

This problem happen on Backup and Migrate 7.x-2.7.

This version has fix an security problem, we suggest you upgrate to this latest version of Backup and Migrate.

But maybe you had some trouble with this upgrade, some like as the image below attached.

The system notice: ”please secure the 'sites/default/files/backup_migrate/scheduled' directory“ bla bla...

Please look at the readme.txt in the Backup and Migrate 7.x-2.7 package. from line 21 begin, you need to follow those set up based on your host environment.

Btw: My host use Nginx, so I put the script into my host.conf

Just like that:

location ^~ /sites/default/files/backup_migrate/ {

upload and overwriting your host.conf files ( maybe the.conf file named as your domain name, such as )

and reload your Nginx

path_to_nginx/nginx reload
or you can restart your Nginx